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IoT as a service

Many developers, us including, love creating software more than reading documentation. One downside of that is that it steals time from developing your core service (unless you are developing an IoT platform). Integrating IoT as a service from Dimension Four could give you more time to focus on your business case.

What makes IoT so complex

IoT Architecture A very common IoT case is to monitor something. So we have something, and we have a frontend to see the status. In between those two, there is a lot of complexity.

Dimension Four

If you are working on a massive product for end users you will need a backend for that, and often you want to get paid as well. You can build your own payment system, but you should consider payment providers that can be integrated via an API. In the same way you can use Dimension Four to handle the IoT side of the things, so you can focus on solving your specific use case.